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My first daughter got married 03/14/20. With her and me being flower "virgins" we had no clue about flowers! She had pictures of what she wanted. To say Kevin (& Melissa!) knocked it out of the park would be an understatement! So much so that he is now doing my other 2 daughter's weddings!!

By far the best "flower guy" ever!!

Wendy Collins

Kevin is the best designer I have ever worked with. I have used him for 10 years; for decorating sets at the studio, decorating for Christmas, or sprucing up a party. He certainly pulled out all the stops when it come to my daughters wedding. He was an unbelievable talent to listen to ones ideas & thoughts, process it and take it to the next level. His finished product far exceeds one's expectations. He is always concerned with the bottom line and wants to figure out the best way to make any project cost effective. I am thankful that our paths crossed years ago.

Ronnie Owings, Owner, Photographer, Pro Studios  

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